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Screen Guard Series with easy applicator, 2 pack Samsung Series

Effortlessly safeguard your Samsung Galaxy S Series with our screen protector, boasting easy installation and top-notch scratch and impact resistance.

  • unique screen protector installation way in the market with auto position of the glass
  • dust remove automatically when peel off the first outter film
  • 4X stronger glass, 9H hardness, anti-shock, anti-explosion, anti-scratch
  • electroplating process makes super smooth surface
  • bubble free, anti-fingerprint
  • Japan Asahi Glass, SEGI chemical glue
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  • Product code SGA-GS24U
  • EAN 8594215991090


Colour Clear
Material Japan Asahi Glass
Thickness 0.33mm
Package content 1x installation tray / 2x tempered glass / 2x dust absorber / 2x wet wipe / 2x micro fiber cloth
Glue SEGI chemical glue
Anti-fingerprint Yes

Product information

Anti-scratch and fingerprint protection

The hardness of the protective glass protects the screen from scratches and fingerprints, improving the aesthetics and readability of the screen. You no longer have to worry about damaging your phone's glass.

Anti-crack protection

The higher hardness of the protective glass increases its resistance to impacts and drops. Minimises the risk of cracking or tearing your phone's display. With Mobile Origin glass, your phone's glass stays safe in any terrain..

Water protection

The protective glass has a water-repellent layer that prevents water from entering the screen or under the protective glass. It reduces the risk of damage to the display and the overall device.

Easy to install

our protective glass is easy to apply with installation kits.

Glare reduction

Protective glass can minimize glare and improve screen readability in bright sunlight or other lighting conditions.



Improve image quality

Protective glass can improve image quality, sharpness and clarity.



Chemical resistance

Protective glass contains a chemical composition that improves the screen’s resistance to chemicals and acids.



Wear resistance

Due to the hardness, the protective glass will wear less, meaning it will retain its clarity and quality for longer.



Improved grip

Protective glass can improve the grip of your fingers on the screen, improving the handling and control of your phone.

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