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Waterproof floating case 6,8" White / Black

  • Waterproof floating case for phones with a maximum screen size of 6.8".
  • The case itself is IPX8 certified for use underwater for 30 minutes with a maximum submersion of 30m*
  • Can be used as a case for mobile phone, documents, credit cards or cash
  • Phone touch screen can be fully operated through the transparent film
  • Wide transparent cut-out for rear camera
  • Ideal for underwater videos and if your phone has a photo button, you can also take photos underwater**
  • Dual-lock system for waterproof locking
  • Wide lanyard with a total length of 150 cm, ensures comfortable wear over the shoulder, around the neck or as a crossbody
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  • Product code DBXL-WHT-BLK01
  • EAN 8594215991199


Phone Compatibility 6,5" Max
Color Black / White


Product information

Waterproof Floating case

Only the Waterproof case provides the ultimate protection for your mobile phone from water, sand and dust. With this waterproof case, you can swim, take adventurous trips or just relax by the pool without worrying about your phone.


Forget the fear of water

The Waterproof Case from Mobile Origin is IP68 certified and functions underwater for 30 minutes with a maximum submersion of 30 metres.*

This makes it ideal for underwater photos and videos from your vacation.**


A great partner even on land

The case will comfortably accompany you out of the water. The phone's display can be fully operated even through the transparent film. But it can serve not only for phones, but also for documents, credit cards or cash. And with a wide lanyard length of 150 cm, it guarantees comfortable carrying over the shoulder, on the neck or crossbody, all day long.


Key Features

- For phones with a maximum screen size of 6.8"
- IP68 certification
- Dual-lock system for waterproof locking
- Wide transparent cutout for rear camera
- Lanyard lengths 150 cm


* Before each use, check the waterproofness of the case according to the instructions included with the product

**the presence of water on touchscreens impairs or completely prevents the touch function, even with a protective film on the display. To improve the touch experience, we recommend to raise the device above the water level, perform the actions on the display and submerge it again or underwater use one of the buttons to control the camera shutter release, if the device allows it. 


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