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Super Charger single USB-C 35W GaN III White

Introducing the Super Charger Dual USB-C 35W GaN III White: A Revolutionary Step in Charging Technology.
Wall Charger - 35 W total power, surge and undervoltage protection, temperature control, with GaN III technology, for Android and iPhone

  • Advanced GaN III Technology

  • Dual USB-C Ports

  • High-Speed Charging

  • Elegant and Compact Design

  • Wide Compatibility

  • Safety Features

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  • Product code GAN-35W-1C-WHT
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Colour White


Product information

Experience the future of charging with our latest innovation, the Super Charger Dual USB-C 35W GaN III White. Merging cutting-edge GaN III technology with a sleek new design, this charger offers efficient and rapid charging for a variety of devices. Its dual USB-C ports allow simultaneous charging, making it a must-have accessory for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. Embrace the blend of style and functionality with its elegant white color and compact form.

Advanced GaN III Technology

Utilizes the latest Gallium Nitride (GaN) III technology, ensuring more efficient power conversion, reduced heat generation, and a smaller size compared to traditional chargers.

High-Speed Charging

Delivers a combined output of 35 watts, providing fast and efficient charging capabilities that significantly reduce the time required to power up devices.

Elegant and Compact Design

The charger boasts a new design aesthetic, characterized by a sleek, white exterior that not only looks good but also easily fits into any workspace or travel bag.

Wide Compatibility

Designed to work seamlessly with a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more, ensuring a versatile charging solution for all your USB-C compatible devices.


Safety Features

Equipped with multiple safety measures such as over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection, ensuring a safe charging experience for your valuable devices.

Note: The charging speed depends on the total power of the charger (W) and the ability of the device to be charged, how much maximum power it can be charged with. If the charger has more power than the device supports, the power delivered is automatically reduced and the device is not harmed in any way.

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